2008 already?


So, Obama is now the President-Elect. And Indiana went blue for the first time in decades. Wow.

I’ve postponed my trip to Taiwan. Scheduling simply didn’t work out, so I’ll be enjoying the month of cold and rainy November in the Midwest.


I know. It’s unnerving how rapidly time passes…

Maybe it only seems rapid because my memory records single instances that span great lengths of time but are played back without context, like a series of excerpts from different pieces reproduced without gaps, no beginning or end, to separate to them.

Recap of the last two years: I went to Oregon, I returned to the Midwest. I went to California, I returned to the Midwest. In a month and a half, I’m scheduled to visit Taiwan. Then…back to the Midwest.


C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia

I’d only read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian before; because of this, I chose to read the books in the order they were published (with the former being first and the latter second), not in their chronological order as C.S. Lewis intended. Any of the chronicles can be appreciated as an independent piece, but they flow wonderfully together when read as a set.

Notorious (1946), directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Truly disturbing, especially in its themes of sexism and female objectification, which are presented with at least traces of irony. Also a fine film of suspense and intrigue. Although a love angle exists, I wouldn’t really describe Notorious as a romance obscured by a mystery.

Rankin/Bass’s Thundercats, created by Ted Wolf

“Thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats, ho!” A magical sword, a mummy that transforms into the male counterpart of Medusa, giant talking manimals, robot koalas, and a guardian of unicorns that must surely be known as the Dungeonmaster in alternate universes—need I say more?

Heroes Unite: The Ultimate 80’s Tribute

If you ever loved 1980s cartoons, you must watch this homage set to “Holding out for a Hero” sung by Bonnie Tyler. I can say with pride that I recognized almost all of the clips.

Salon.com: ”Do journalists have any obligations beyond their self-interest?

Glenn Greenwald criticizes how a lack of responsibility makes the media complicit with corrupt politics.

Saturday Night Live: “The Japanese Office”

Steve Carell stars in a parody of NBC’s The Office. Hilarious.