Welcome to my personal portfolio of graphic design. These pieces were created with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Painter.

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Rewrote the XHTML and the CSS so that a blank image placeholder is no longer necessary. Also removed flickering rollovers, added language identification in the document head, and moved the navigation menu behind the content in the XHTML. Finally, reversed the order of these log entries so that the most recent news appears at the top.


This site is now compatible with Win/IE 6. Yes, it only required five months for me to solve the problem, which was, in fact, rather simple. ;-)


I have modified the CSS in an effort to increase browser compatibility (namely, Win/IE 6). I have not yet viewed results, though.


The ideal font for this text is Eurostile, point 13. Unfortunately, not many people have Eurostile.


All the standard notes: This website and all graphics are exclusively owned and maintained by its creator (me!)…And here are my validation badges for this page:

Valid XHTML 1.0! Valid CSS!

FYI, I am continually adding images to the gallery. Also, the daily question is: What is the difference between "continual" and "continuous"? If you don't know, look it up in a dictionary!


I have added graphics and a new CSS to this site. This is the new website. Click for a glimpse of the original. I will be moving the images from that folder to this one shortly (probably without updating the links on the original site).


This is my makeshift portfolio, containing some of the pieces that I have created with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Painter. I will probably be transforming those thumbnail images into links in the near future…

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