Ming-Hwi Sun


Email: m_sun@mac.com


A short- or long-term position in web design that requires strong XHTML/CSS and creative skills.


Freelance web designer with XHTML, CSS, and graphic design skills seeks temporary or permanent employment. Committed to producing standards-compliant, handcoded, unique sites that reflect the needs and desires of clients. Simplicity and usability are priorities. Telecommuting is acceptable. Opportunity to work in an environment that provides training in programming languages is a bonus.

Areas of Expertise


Creative Arc, Web Development Agency

Web developer & graphic designer.
August 2004–Present.
Description: Producing web design for a variety of clients.
Website: Creative Arc, Inc.

Purdue Mesoscale Modeling Laboratory

Web developer.
June 2004–Present.
Description: Designing and implementing an informational website for a research group at Purdue University.
Website: Purdue Mesoscale Modeling Laboratory

Dancenter North, Performing Arts Center

Web developer & graphic designer.
March 2004–May 2004.
Description: Designing a logo, a business card, and a website for a dance studio in the Chicago area.
Website: Dancenter North


Website: Jade Design


Indiana University at Bloomington

B.A. in East Asian Studies received May 2002. Cumulative G.P.A. of 3.77.

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